Simeon's (on the Ithaca Commons) has a great reuben sandwich

Apparently, I've been missing out, because the current owners have been there for 12 years. So, if you've only tried previous incarnations of Simeon's, you may be underestimating how good it currently is.

Not only is the reuben top-notch, on seeded rye bread, but the "frites" (house cut french fries) are very tasty, too, much better than the standard food-service product.

What's old is new again: Campustown Pizzeria opens this week!

Campustown Pizzeria in IthacaIt’s had multiple names and even more owners, but a Collegetown staple reopens this Monday on Ithaca's east hill. Campustown Pizzeria is opening where Collegetown Pizza and Mama Teresa used to be, on Dryden Road.

Collegetown Pizza moved to its Dryden Road spot a few years ago from its original location on the corner of College Ave and Dryden Road, where Oishii Bowl is now, and where Wendy’s was in the ’90s, replacing Mama Teresa, which moved down to Ithaca’s west end.

CTP actually changed hands several months ago, but the new owners didn’t last long. Expect some familiar faces at Campustown — the new new owners are related to the old old owners.

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Pizza returns to Collegetown! (319 College Ave, Ithaca, NY)

Mama Teresa Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant now has an additional location, in the old Oasis Halal Grill spot on College Ave, east of Dryden. (It appears that Collegetown Pizza on Dryden Road, which was a Mama Teresa in the past, I believe, is no longer operating -- but please correct me if I'm wrong about this.)

I had a couple of tasty NY-style slices today. I'm not sure if they'll do the whole Mama Teresa menu, but it sounds like they'll be able to do most of it.

It appears they'll support the old Halal Grill menu, in addition to some Mama Teresa items....

Old Mexico Express now open on Dryden Road, Collegetown (Ithaca NY)

It's in the old Mexeo location on the south side of Dryden Road. I tried the carnitas tacos today and enjoyed them! (Guacamole is extra, naturally.) I appreciated that they have a heated tortilla-press to brown the tacos -- everyone should be using them at this point, IMHO.

It's also good to have another outlet for Mexican Coke in Collegetown. (I know that Collegetown Bagels sells it -- does anyone know of other places?)