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Moe's Southwest Grill

Moe's Grand Opening[info]Moe's Southwest Grill is opening tomorrow in Ithaca's southwest, but their pre-opening today featured a free lunch from 11am-2pm (sorry I didn't tell you sooner) and a $5 charity dinner tonight. Stop in this evening, pay $5 that goes straight to the Cal Ripken Foundation, and you'll get to sample Moe's burritos, tacos, salads, and so forth. Moe's is very much like a Chipotle or Collegetown's [info]That Burrito Place, with an assembly line process that builds your handmade meal to your specifications.

At 324 Elmira Road, right at the entrance to the Wal-Mart plaza behind Route 13, Ithaca's new Moe's is colourful and full of energy, a perfect match to the southwest-style pseudo-Mexican fare. Things were a bit chaotic today, but that's certainly to be expected! The staff is learning how this all works, and most things seemed to be going quite well. The food is fresh and flavourful, and the fact that everything is made right in front of you means you get exactly what you'd like, and nothing that you wouldn't. Vegetarians should be especially happy here.

Joey ComboBurritos, tacos, quesadillas, salads, fajitas, or nachos come with your choice of grilled meat, by which they mean steak, chicken, ground beef, or tofu. (I loved the note on the menu board that said "yeah, we know tofu isn't meat.") Pick black beans or pinto beans, and round things out with grilled onions or peppers, cheese, guacamole, etc. Most of these toppings are included in some of the burritos and other items, but they're all available as add-ons at any time for a reasonable 79 cents.

Everything's reasonably priced, from the $3 taco and kid's meals up to $7 and $8 burritos and fajitas, with plenty of options in between. It should be easy to get out of there for under $10 per person. Chips and salsa are provided free with every meal (imagine that), there are four different salsa to choose from at the salsa bar, and the biggest disappointment is that there are no margaritas. No problem, I'm thinking [info]Garcia's covers the burrito-and-margarita crowd perfectly.

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